Mullins Feist

Mullins Feist is an old timey line of Mountain Feist that began in the early 1970s when I, Jody Mullins, purchased one male and two female Mountain Feists pups from Tennessee. The family that sold them to me had this strain of feists for several generations of people. I wanted dogs that could keep varmints away from my yard. These individuals could do that and were also excellent tree dogs. They became the back bone of the Mullins Feist. I have selectively breed this line of dogs for intelligence, stamina, loud mouth, good nose, and stay put tree power.

All of my dogs are linebred to optimize their treeing and squirrel hunting abilities. Mullins Feists are natural tree dogs that love to hunt. They are silent while trailing and bark well at the tree. They have good scenting ability; therefore, many can locate game by winding (scent carried by air currant). They watch the timber, following a squirrel that "timbers-out". They are "gritty" on all types of game, very intelligent, and require little training. Mullins Feist have been featured in many videos such as the Squirrel Dog Fever video series and the Fur & Fangs video series.

      Physical Description:

Size: Height is 14-18 inches Weight is 16-35 pounds

Coat: Color of coat is yellow (90%), yellow with white trim (5%), and black (5%), but never brindle. Some have dark hairs running through the main color and dark muzzles

Body: Body is of medium build

Legs: Legs appear to be in proportion to the body

Tail: Tail may be long to natural bobbed. May be docked

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